Friday, November 8, 2013

Look at Her

A college friend and I have been chatting about experiences in our lives and we both simultaneously admitted that we had been comparing our lives to other women. Women that seem to have it all together. We think this based on what we see of their lives on social media.

She has the perfect body
Her husband must make bank so she can stay at home
Her kids willingly choose veggies over gmo tainted gummy snacks
She works 40 hours a week, and fits in 14 hours of cross fit a week
Her husband looks just like young Paul Newman, and does charity just like him too

This will make you go crazy. Life online is unrealistic. But, I do it all the time and I must stop. 

I certainly don’t expect social media friends to Instagram pictures of their negative pregnancy test with a caption saying “Well, there is always next month #ttc2years #clomidfail #IVFnext #retirementfund.” Or post a 15 second clip of an epic fight about money with a spouse on Vine #foreclosure #secondjob #shouldhavemarriedadoctor. Or tweet about how badly they want a chase a bottle of vodka with a bottle of wine #249dayssober.  

We don’t hashtag the bad, we hashtag the good.

I have to constantly remind myself that I am called to be thankful and, in everything, I am called to love and trust Christ.

When I am dwelling on what is going on in her life, and her life and her life, I am unable to do the things that I am called to do because envy and "what if" is deeply seeded in my unbelieving heart. I cannot be or become who I am called to be.