Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tearin' Down the House

Let's tear this kitchen down.

Anywho... We are in the middle of remodeling our Kitchen. Anyone who has been to our house walks in and says "Oh what a pretty house, what a great patio etc." THEN when they see our kitchen they say "Oh..." You know what I mean when I say "Oh." It is the same reaction you make when you meet the world's ugliest baby, "Oh *hesitate* what a cutie." (Don't deny it! We have all had that experience.)

This is our Ceiling before: We think it is shower surround.

The walk is chunky plaster/cardboard mix. We really don't know. Not to forget, before there was an apartment sized stove.

This one explains its self.

So we tore everything out and started working on the walls. I know, WHAT ARE WE THINKING? PANELING? Mike and I have a vision and we're are going to see it through. If it doesn't work then we have paneling in our kitchen YEY!

Hopefully by late Winter when people walk in our kitchen they will say "Oh" like when you see a gorgeous engagement ring and wish it was yours. (Once again, we all have thought that)