Friday, August 27, 2010

Old Timer

I walked into the house today to see my dinning room table covered in Chicago Cutlery. These knives were given to me by my grandmother. They were given to her as a wedding present 60 some odd years ago.

I created a scene of my Grandfather sitting at his dinning room table sharpening those same knives for my grandmother, just like Mike had done earlier today. Dale Price was a manly man. He had strong hands, even though they always shook. He treated ladies like ladies. And he knew how to sharpen knives. We all know that real men know how to sharpen knives.

I saw Granddaddy Dale tonight as I looked at those knives. I could see his white hair, liver spots, bruised hands and lanky figure. I could smell him, his soap, the hardware store and the scent of his car.

It was nice seeing him tonight.