Thursday, July 15, 2010

Greater Things

So, it has been a while.


I would post some pictures... but I sent my camera swimming in the New River!

Mike and I splurged majorly for our 5th year of marriage (WILD HUH?)... We bought kayaks. And within 30 minutes of our maiden voyage I flipped .... right after I opened the dry bag. Wamp Wa.

Good Grief! 5 (count 'em ... 5) Years. It has been a crazy ride too. and fast.

I wish someone would have warned me about that. It just flew by. I feel like yesterday I was attending his Bootcamp Graduation.

Any who. I love Mike and I hope that I love him still 5 years from now. That is my prayer!

*3.24.13: I thought that I would add this photos that recovered from the maiden voyage... right before I flipped...