Monday, February 15, 2010

Everybody is in Love Today

Soul Mates:

I don't buy it. Mike is mine. I love him. I have no plans on divoricing him.

But his soul is not my soul's mate.


We are night and day different. We are living proof that opposites do infact attract.

I am:
pushy, hot headed, silly, compassionate yet judgmental, artsy and ADD.

He Is:
relaxed, brilliant, stern, unemotional, nerdy and conservative.

Our souls have different passions besides Jesus.

From our favorite cars to the way we want to raise our future kids (He thinks that a mercedes suv looks like a tracker! What the heck!?)

So here's to valentines day: Soul Mates is a silly term. Our Souls are so different, by the grace of God they work together! And our Souls and minds will change as we grow, and we will learn to work together again.