Friday, April 17, 2009

Pretty Fly For a White Guy

Ok a bit inappropriate for a title, I know. But I couldn't think of another title more appropriate for this entry... well I could, but you will see... This is something that I have been thinking about alot lately due to some stuff going on, and I want to share. You can learn alot in just 4 years of marriage!

White Mike is the kid I dated in college. (no joke, that was his "given" name) He had a smile that was so huge, toothy and beautiful. That smile warmed my heart every day. His hands always warmed my hands. So as long as we were holding hands and he was smiling, I was warm and tingly all over. I was in love, flat out head over heels.

Fast forward 3 years. I was married to fresh out of Boot Camp and SOI Marine Mike. He had a warm smile and warm hands. But he wasn't White Mike any longer and I did not have that tingley ooy gooy feeling. I, for the first time, had to consciously make the decision to continue to love my husband.

I am sure that I will have to make that decision over and over when there is Returned from Deployment Mike, Papa Mike, Midlife Crisis Mike, Bird Watching Enthusiast Mike, Grandpa Mike, Cancer Survivor Mike.

He makes that decision too. And I can assure you something: we would not be making that decision so easily if we did not have God as our foundation. I will not say that we are perfect and have the best marriage in the world. But we have God, and if we rely on him, then bring on all the Mikes.

Happily, there are traces of White Mike in my new and improved Marine/Civilian/Prepping for Deployment Mike. Gosh I love that goofy red head!